Friday, July 26, 2013

Fashion? Say Wahhh? Alert the Fashion Police!

So I work at a furniture store right? And my boss, (an extremely ADHD, wonderful, AWESOME, funny man) tells me I need to dress a little nicer since he has decided to put me on the floor for sales and I'm over here like whoooooo more $$$ (I make commission.). I think to myself for a second... "Wait, What's wrong with my khaki pants and white blouse (Oh my god, I can't believe I just said blouse... I don't ever say that word.)... I don't do fashion. I know nothing about fashion. Seriously NOTHING. I admire those women that are all fashioned out (is that even a word? I just made it one.), make-up done, hair looking perfect. How do they do it? My point exactly, in less you are one of those people you don't and then that makes you one of me. Clueless is what we are. I'm perfectly content with my hair in a ponytail, jeans, and a t-shirt. I like getting dressed up but let's be real, it's a lot of freaking work! My son is 4 months old, he's very impatient and doesn't like to wait while Mom does her make-up and hair every morning and take 30 minutes to figure out an outfit. I get lucky if he isn't screaming by the time I get half way done with my hair, and I do my hair first. In all seriousness this is my new mission... Find relatively easy and cheap outfits, make-up and hair tutorials for us mom's who have a 4 month old screaming because he doesn't want momma to look beautiful today!

Our first hair tutorial!

I love this look, I got it from The Small Things Blog! Absolutely love her blog! If you're not following her, you should! She always has awesome tutorials. I put my own twist on this, always remember when you copy your hair to match a hair tutorial it's never going to turn out exactly how theirs did. This literally takes me about 2 minutes. Super easy! Try it! Click Here to go to the tutorial on The Small Things Blog!

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